healing sounds are an important Qigong practice of activating the internal organs, during which they “become more porous, softer, wetter and more breathable,” as is said in the exercises themselves.

Many of our bodily problems, including spinal problems, are related to the disruption of physiological processes in and around the internal organs (fascial tissue).

Violation of the rhythm, the appearance of a false center of motion, disrupting the natural “breathing” of the organ, fascial tension form a burden, which eventually leads to pain and changes in the structure of the skeleton.

However, the main reason is not in the body, but in our mind and ways of responding to what is happening, i.e. in our emotions. Regularly performing this technique, we act holistically – we work simultaneously with the body, consciousness and breathing (pronouncing sounds), transforming them. Below is a detailed description of this effective psycho-hygienic procedure.

Several thousand years ago, Taoist masters discovered six sounds during meditations that help to preserve the optimal condition of internal organs, preventing or curing diseases. They found that a healthy organ generates vibration at a certain frequency.

Together with Six Healing Sounds, Qigong Healing Sounds was developed in six poses, which activates the acupuncture meridians and energy channels of the organs.

Healing Sounds help to release fever from organs through the fascia that surrounds each organ and regulates its temperature. When we are tense or stressed, fascias tend to shrink and “stick” to the organ. This prevents fascias from doing their job properly.

As a result of insufficient heat removal from the organ, the temperature rises and toxins accumulate. This directly affects our health and our emotions.

Modern society is very conducive to creating a way of life for many of us, filled with physical and emotional stress. We live in overpopulated cities – polluted, noisy, full of transport. We eat too much unhealthy food and take too many chemical additives. We often worry or feel alone.

We sit too much and try to make up for it with episodic vigorous exercise. All these physical and emotional stresses lead to tension that we feel in our bodies.

This tension blocks the free flow of Qi in our bodies, one result of which is the reduction of fascias around our main organs and their overheating. Continuous overheating of the organ leads to its hardening and contraction. Their ability to function properly is suppressed and ultimately leads to illness.

Preparing to perform healing sounds

  1. To get the most out of it, do the right posture and say the sound of each organ accurately.
  2. As you exhale, look up into the ceiling with your head tilted back. This creates a direct passage from the mouth through the esophagus to the internal organs, which facilitates energy exchange.
  3. at first, make a full voice sound. Then, as the practice progresses, sounds are pronounced without a voice, i.e. lips, teeth and tongue produce a sound, but you hear it only inside; this increases the effect of the sound. All Six Sounds should be said slowly and smoothly.
  4. Perform all exercises in the order suggested. This order helps to distribute heat evenly in the body. It corresponds to the natural order of the seasons, from autumn to Indian summer.
  5. Do not perform the Six Healing Sounds until one hour after eating. However, if you have meteorism, nausea, or stomach cramps, you can perform Spleen Sound right after a meal.
  6. Choose a quiet location and turn off the phone. Until you develop the ability to concentrate internally, you need to eliminate all distractions.
  7. Warmly dress up so you don’t get cold. Clothes should be loose, the belt should be loosened. Take off your glasses and watches.

The first healing sound is Lung Sound.

In the theory of the Five Elements, the Lungs control the Metal. Metal can have both positive and negative effects on our body and consciousness.

Overheated lungs have a negative impact on the energy of the Metal. And this, in turn, has an impact on other organs. However, the Taoist discovered that negative elements and forces also create and control negative emotions.

Negative emotions caused by overheating of the lungs are sadness and depression. Accordingly, by harmonizing the energy of the Metal, you will get rid of sadness and depression, as well as improve the condition of the lungs.