What does the term sound therapy mean?

To understand the essence and origins of the different methods and what unites them, let’s look into the past.

The word is described as a means of creating the world. Thousands of years ago, there were mystical schools in Greece, Rome, Egypt, India, China, and Tibet that had extensive knowledge of the healing power of sound.

The surviving ancient texts show that the use of sound in healing was nothing but a highly developed spiritual science. The basis of this knowledge was the understanding that vibrations are the fundamental creative force of the universe.

It is the loss of integrity, in other words, the destruction of any component of a human being, the loss of the initial balance, that leads to a variety of human illnesses and illnesses.

Let’s look at the methods and practices of sound therapy that exist today.


One of the oldest kinds of sound healing. In fact, it is a lengthy pronunciation of various (most often vowel) sounds to create a resonance of the emotional, spiritual, or physical body.

This one of the most powerful practices is also the most natural. We apply it intuitively when we moan and groan when we feel pain. A great way to relax, improve health and expand consciousness.

Singing mantra

Along with toning, this type of healing is also considered to be the oldest on the planet and not only a therapeutic method, but also an instrument of spiritual practices.

This practice is based on the idea described above that the entire universe is in a state of vibration, and that with the help of certain words and phrases can be adjusted to these vibrations. That is to say, the whole universe is in a state of vibration, and with the help of certain words and phrases it is possible to adjust to these vibrations.

the mantras pronounced by a person (the sacred sounds of the Force) create balance and adjustment at the spiritual, physical, emotional or mental level. Mantra sounds have the property of chakra balancing, which leads to healing and can cause certain states. Like toning, it improves health and expands consciousness.

Music therapy

A method that is particularly common in developed countries. This method usually uses songs and music or just music that the therapist plays for the patient.

Music therapy is often used in hospitals and hospices to relieve pain and tension. This method also corrects all sorts of emotional changes and mental disorders well.

Bell therapy

It’s been known since ancient times in Russia as a method of fighting all sorts of illnesses and misfortunes. Today, this method is often referred to resonance and private therapy (see below). Modern science shows that the bell ringing (especially low frequency) destroys the pathogenic environment.

In ancient times in Russia it was ordered to rivet (beat) the bells in the times of the “sea povietiya” (nowadays epidemic). Bell ringing and beating are able to relieve a person of his stressful state, help to quickly go through psychotherapeutic rehabilitation, rather return to normal life after emergency nervous shocks.

It is believed that the bell helps people to find their own voice, create an internal rhythm, find harmony.

Resonance-frequency therapy

This method is based on the idea that every part of our body vibrates with a certain resonance frequency. If the balance is disturbed and the frequency changes, the treatment is done by restoring this resonance frequency.

Based on this method, kimatic therapy (kimatotherapy) has been developed, which uses five different tones. In addition to kimatic therapy, there is also the Rife method for the destruction of pathogenic bacteria.

New apparatuses based on these two methods are constantly emerging; their principle is either to increase the resonance frequency or to use resonance to destroy pathogens. Conditions that can be cured: from physical body disease to chakra imbalance.

Acoustic Grip Technique

This method uses non-synchronous frequencies to initiate an acoustic capture. The patient listens to binaural rhythm frequencies in headphones to balance the left and right brain hemispheres and increase their wave activity.

Many nations use instruments with binaural rhythms, such as Peruvian whistling vessels and Tibetan singing bowls. Conditions that can be cured are inability to learn, depression, stress.

Camerton therapy

The sound healing method developed by Dr. John Bolet. This method uses chambertones to restore biobalance and relaxation. Sounding chambertones are applied to each ear, affecting the brain’s nervous system, adjusting them and restoring the biobalance.

The frequency ratio of these instruments is 3:2 – the interval of a pure quintus, which is considered sacred in many traditions. This interval has been described in the Chinese musical system of Liu-Lui and in the octave system of Pythagoras.

Avicenna was shocked by Pythagorean ideas and borrowed a lot from them. These ideas also penetrated the Arab world and survived in the treatises On the Experience of Melody Writing by Ishaq al-Qindi and in the treatise The Big Book of Music by al-Fabi.

We also use these ideas in our Soul Sounds meditation (see below). This method is a good way to deal with nervousness, headaches, and loss of strength.


An ancient method of harmonizing the physical, emotional and mental state of the person, due to the impact on the body of the vibrations of the harp strings.

Modern scientists, looking for new ways of healing, paid scientific attention to this method at the end of the last century, thus laying the foundation for vibroacoustic therapy.

Vibroacoustic therapy

This method uses special tables, beds and chairs on which the patient lies and listens to sounds, which in turn are transferred to the body. This method is good for relaxation, enlargement and health improvement.

There are also other methods of sound therapy: sound acupuncture, hearing improvement techniques, etc.

These practices and new developments in the field of health and sound therapy, we have collected at the meditation “Sounds of the Soul”, which is available to you right now.

which increases internal vibrations and expands the boundaries of mental and psychic perception. This condition will allow you to work through the most serious problems and tasks, by expanding the space options.