Sound Therapy is a healing modality that is becoming popular all over the world.

Did you know that when you sing, speak, vocalize and play an instrument, behind these actions there is always a conscious or unconscious intention? When this intention is conscious, through sound we can direct it towards a part of the body and “speak energetically” directly to that set of cells or organism, thus accessing the root of the cause.

By means of specific techniques, with our own voice and instruments created for Sound Therapy, the patient is helped to access the subconscious (which is by no means unconscious), often called “Inner Being” or “Higher Self”.

The Subconscious part is the “mind” that contains all the information necessary for the change required by the patient, returning to its natural balance. In order to access this state of mind, we need to be at a specific level of brain vibration that with sound is very easy to access.

That is why, using sound for therapeutic purposes, we obtain magnificent results. This is why in recent years, Sound Therapy is receiving a high degree of recognition to be used in the most pioneering hospitals around the world.

Fortunately, this tool, which has been used as a healing method since ancient times, is being applied in modern medicine and technology.

Over time, theories of the creation of the universe, historical records, manuscripts, word-of-mouth stories,… religions, indigenous peoples,… all of them tell us about how “sound was the key to creation”.

Now we know that we live in a universe submerged in an infinite cycle of recycling and constant reconstruction. That we are always creating and changing. There is a close relationship between sound and creation. Sound and life.

Consequently, the ability to understand sound and the way we relate to it is directly related to the way we understand life and the ability to relate to it.

As far as we know, sound creates geometric shapes. The more harmonic the interactions between sounds, the more harmonic the geometric patterns created from these sounds will also be.

But why am I giving you all this information? To explain the relationship between sound and reality. To tell you why we can heal through sound.

Now is when science has begun to recognize that all atoms have consciousness, and since ancient times, our ancestors have always taught us the saying… “If it has form, it has consciousness.

Everything that is conscious will adapt one form or another and that form emanates a concrete frequency. We call this electromagnetic field. What would happen if we changed that frequency? That would in turn change the form.

Therefore, your form and the reality of your environment also change. This technique is used in Sound Therapy to heal physical, emotional and mental disorders and illnesses. This is the basis of the process of healing through sound.

Sound is able to go through anything. Gas, liquids and solids; air, water and earth… influencing all structures. The human ear can hear between 20Hz and 20,000Hz, but that does not mean that there are no other sound frequencies that interact with us.

The human ear can only hear 3% of the sound frequencies that we measure with our current technology. But our body perceives all the other frequencies, feeling the vibrations and reacting in one way or another according to their harmonic relationship. Please visit for more info.