The advantages and disadvantages of the individual systems

Mattresses and slatted frames

A mattress with a slatted frame can be the optimal sleep system – or provide for agonizingly sleepless nights and recurring back problems.

Because only when the mattress and spring frame form a perfect team and are tailored to the individual requirements of the sleeper can this sleeping system provide perfect ergonomic support for the spinal column and therefore restful sleep.

At first glance this sounds rather daunting, but with no other sleeping system is it possible to respond so flexibly to individual needs. Both mattress and slatted frame are available in an almost infinite variety of models.

This is both a blessing and a curse. Because the large selection offers a perfectly fitting sleeping surface for everyone. The crux of the matter is to find it.

Selecting the optimum combination is the task of a trained mattress expert who is concerned with the well-being of the customer and not with his own commission.

In many large furniture stores and mattress discounters, the training of mattress consultants is often cut back for reasons of cost, so that there is a lack of consulting competence. However, one thing is clear: a layman has a hard time making the right choice without any advice.

If you want to be properly advised, the best way to select a retailer is to look for many years of experience in consulting, training certificates and – in the case of online shops – customer evaluations. This often provides a great deal of information about whether the dealer is competent.

For whom are slatted frames and mattresses suitable?
As already mentioned, an individually tailored sleeping system can be put together from mattress and slatted frame. This makes this sleeping system suitable for every person.

Whether allergic person, sweaty or movement-intensive sleeper, young or old, with or without back problems, light or heavy weight – there are hardly any limits to the adaptability of this system.

If you like to read in bed with your head raised, want to relieve your legs in an elevated position in the evening or need a head or foot section that can be raised for health reasons, then an (electrically) adjustable slatted frame is the right choice.

This can be combined very well with foam mattresses of any kind as well as with high-quality pocket spring mattresses.

The advantages and night-time advantages of this sleeping system consisting of mattress and slatted frame depend not only on the advice given, but also on the selected material and the quality of the products.

It is therefore difficult to combine all possible combinations to get deeper sleep in one comb. However, some general pluses and negatives for high-quality mattress and slatted frame combinations can be found in the following list.